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Focus Areas >>Change management
The PLF is involved in strategic learning and pro-active facilitation of change management in ongoing programmes, particularly in addressing equity concerns; treat to livelihoods of small farmers, etc.in large scale government programmes. 

Emphasis is on an affirmative action programme, which is useful in applicability of experience and strategies vis-à-vis changing needs of the people, to help breaking new grounds in development

Emerging Niche for Institutions Involved in Livelihood Promotion

Interest in the field of livelihood approaches began in the early 1990s in the wake of the increasing concern for equity and poverty alleviation in development programmes.  This concern promoted many mainstream development agencies to establish a variety of pilot programmes and projects for livelihood promotion.  Experience is also available from a variety of small scale livelihood promotional activities of civil society organizations.

At the same time, there seems to be a gap between people livelihood needs and development practices.  This gap has resulted from the transition of livelihoods as a function of socio-political and economic practices as well as policy environment.  The spate of farmers’ suicides renews the discussion on the need for understanding the complex institutional labyrinth created by multi development agencies to deal with increased vulnerability of people and transition of livelihood systems with respect to the emerging niche for livelihood promotion institutions.

 The PLF joined the consortia consisting of APMAS, BASIX and DPIP to study and inform on the changing role of institutions involved in livelihood promotion.  This was supported by Aga Khan Foundation (AKF).
Priorities of Farming Community in Andhra Pradesh
The Government of Andhra Pradesh, in order to improve the plight of the farmers and stem the spate of suicides, has put support systems and short-term measures in place.  However, these measures remain superficial and transitory solutions to a problem that has deep roots.  The need of the hour is to chat a long-term action plan for better policies and support systems.  With the above background, Poverty Learning Foundation is involved in developing a pilot project to facilitate a pro-active role for farmers in policy issues.
Important aspect of this initiate is to develop a feedback mechanism to the state regarding changes in the conditions of farmers and thereby inform it on the required changes in policies and development practices.
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