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Focus Areas >>Collective action and User rights
The transfer of property rights from traditional users to others has not the effect of more efficient management of resources as was intended. Instead of facilitating preservation of resource as well as sustainable use, it has set in motion a cycle of resource degradation and increasing vulnerability of the community, especially the resource poor.

This outcome brings to the fore the importance of community involvement, collective action and secure User rights to the communities over the resources that they depend on for their livelihoods. Development programmes that follow a participatory approach, including watershed programmes, have recognized this fact and are re-vesting rights to resources with the community, albeit within the old policy framework that discouraged community ownership of resources.

The objective of ensuring URs and equitable distribution of benefits needs coordination of the policies, institutions as well as processes at all levels to effect sustainable outcomes.

User Rights in Watershed Programmes
A study was carried out on user right policy and practices in watershed programme. Though the work began with DANIDA watershed projects, the ideas were consolidated based on discussions carried through meetings attended by the representatives of Danida’s WDCU, New Delhi, WOTR, Ahmednagar and WASSAN, MANAGE and PLF, Secunderabad.
 Apart from these representatives, various local and national level organizations were also consulted through working groups.
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